WWE Fans On The Undertaker And The Wyatts, New Day React To Win, Drax Shadow At Hell In A Cell

- This WWE Hell In a Cell Fallout video features WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day. Kofi Kingston and Big E lead Rich Brennan in a unicorn moment of silence.

- WWE's website has a new poll asking fans what are The Wyatt Family's likely plans for The Undertaker - an attempt to make him align with The Wyatts, re-igniting a rivalry between Bray and Taker, ensuring Taker's legacy is put to rest once and for all or they're just sending a bold message to the WWE locker room. With almost 10,000 votes, 32% believe The Wyatts are trying to get Taker to align with then. 28% believe they're re-igniting a Wyatt vs. Taker feud.

- You may remember Triple H and Stephanie McMahon bringing 7 year old Elijah to RAW back in August so he could sign a contract to become an honorary WWE Superstar, which you can watch in the video above. Elijah has battled cancer several times and impressed WWE with his Tough Enough audition video. He ended up picking the name "Drax Shadow" and got to sign the contract with his favorite WWE star, Stardust. Drax Shadow was in attendance for WWE Hell In a Cell last night as well. Here he is backstage with Stardust and The Ascension:


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