WWE Films A Hall Of Famer For Fifteen Hours, Stolen WWE Superstar Taunts, WWE - Komen, Make-A-Wish

- As seen above, the latest WWE Top 10 video looks at stolen Superstar taunts.

- 60 Minutes on CBS will be doing a piece on Make-A-Wish this Sunday and apparently some of their work with WWE will be shown.

- The theme song WWE is using for this year's "Rise Above Cancer" campaign with Susan G. Komen is "Fight Song" by Rachel Platten.

- WWE recently filmed around 15 hours worth of interviews with Hall of Famer Bruno Sammartino for a future DVD release, according to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter. No word yet if this footage is for a Bruno DVD or if it will be split up among various releases but we should have confirmation soon.

WWE listed a potential Bruno DVD set in a survey they issued back in April so it's possible he has his own set coming out in 2016.


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