WWE Hall Of Famer Shoots, WWE T-Shirt Inspired By CHIKARA Tag Team T-Shirt?, NXT Takeover: London

- Kayfabe Commentaries has released the trailer for their new "Breaking Kayfabe" shoot interview with WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash, who talks about the recent issues with his son and more. You can stream or purchase the shoot at this link.

- It was previously noted that the December 16th WWE NXT "Takeover: London" event would air live on the WWE Network, which means it would air around 3pm EST here in the United States. Apparently that is not official yet as they still may wait until 8pm EST to air the special on the WWE Network.

- It looks like WWE's new t-shirt for Tag Team Champions The New Day may have been inspired by CHIKARA tag team The Devastation Corporation, as seen below in these tweets. The Devastation shirt is apparently inspired by WWE's "Horsemen Carousel" t-shirt.


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