WWE NXT Diva Met With "She's Learning" Chants, Lana Says She's Doing A Lot Of Writing, WWE VIP

- Last night's match with Eva Marie vs. WWE NXT Women's Champion Bayley at the NXT live event in Tampa was described by some as Eva's best work yet. Fans chanted "Eva's learning" at her. Our correspondent in attendance noted that Bayley and Eva seemed to click but Eva more than held her own, definitely showing progress.

- Lana and recently released WWE NXT Diva Devin Taylor were hanging out in Nashville, where Lana lives, this week. Lana also says she's writing a book, a TV pilot, a movie script and maybe a comic book. She posted the following on Instagram:

- It looks like WWE sold a lot of the $300+ VIP packages for last night's live event in Merida, Texas. The Prime Time Players posted this video backstage with the VIP fans before the show:


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