WWE NXT Live Event Results From Orlando (10/17): Big Main Event, Solomon Crowe, Asuka, More

Thanks to Tara for the following WWE NXT live event results from tonight's show in Orlando, Florida:

* Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley defeated Tucker Knight and Marcus Louis

* Apollo Crews defeated Elias Samson. Great in-ring work as usual but highlights were both playing Samson's guitar

* Gionna Daddio and Aaliyah (Jasmin) came to the ring for a promo but Eva Marie and Emma interrupted. Eva Marie was good on the mic here but really none were too bad. The youngest NXT Divas got beat down to set up a match for later

* Manny Garcia defeated Riddick Moss. I wasn't sure about Manny's "fiesta" dancing in the ring at first but he's getting a big fanbase it seems. He's definitely entertaining and good in the ring

* Chad Gable and Jason Jordan defeated The Mechanics in a really solid tag match. The Mechanics are perfect heels

* Hugo Knox defeated Sawyer Fulton. Hugo's non-stop dancing still hasn't caught on for me and most of the people but he does have some fans

* Asuka and Gionna Daddio defeated Emma and Eva Marie. Gionna had a surprise partner, Asuka. Gionna continues to improve in the ring but Asuka is crazy. She will easily be one of the most over NXT stars ever. Good showing by Eva too and as usual, Emma did well

* Baron Corbin defeated Solomon Crowe in a really good match. This had some intense moments, very hard-hitting. Hopefully the new look and everything this weekend means a fresh start for Crowe

* NXT Tag Team Champions The Vaudevillains, NXT Women's Champion Bayley and NXT Champion Finn Balor defeated Blake, Murphy, Alexa Bliss and Tye Dillinger. This started as a six-man but Bliss got involved so Bayley came out to make it an eight-person match that was all over the place, one of the best main events at a live event. Highlight was Bayley hitting the Hugplex on Dillinger


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