WWE NXT Recap (10/14): New NXT Title Contender Set, Challenges Made For NXT Women's And Tag Titles

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- Bayley comes to the ring to "Match of the Year" chants. She said that NXT made history last week, and not just her and Sasha Banks. She said the Dusty Rhodes Classic honored a man who put the NXT roster where they are now. She says she wants women's wrestling to be more important. She's interrupted by Alexa Bliss with Blake & Murphy. Bliss says that Bayley is an incredible champion and the future of the NXT women has no limit, then steals the NXT title from her and says they can share the success of women's wrestling, but not the NXT title. She tosses the title back to Bayley and leaves.

- We see the video of Samoa Joe challenging Finn Balor, and William Regal announcing instead there would be a number one contender battle royal for the title.

- Apollo Crews is backstage and says he's going to become the NXT Champion. Rhyno cuts a similar promo. These are very much like the old backstage Royal Rumble promos.

The Vaudevillians vs. Angelo Dawkins and Sawyer Fulton

We get our first match 19 minutes into the show, and Dawkins gets armdragged by Aiden English. Dawkins manages to get English in his corner, where he and Fulton tag in and out, peppering English with strikes. English moves out of the way of a charging Dawkins and tags Gotch into the match. Gotch uses some old-school offense before a back suplex and the Whirling Dervish for the win.

Winners: The Vaudevillians via pinfall (Whirling Dervish)

- The Mechanics are backstage, and say they should be the number one contenders, since they beat the Vaudevillians in the Dusty Rhodes tournament. Next week they have Enzo and Cass.

- We see Dana Brooke backstage from last week, thinking she beat Asuka. Asuka shows up and pats her on the head.

Nia Jax vs. Evie

Evie gets put in a bear hug right out of the gate. Jax then slams Evie's face into the mat. Evie fights back with some kicks, but Jax hits a one-armed spinebuster for the win.

Winner: Nia Jax via pinfall (one-armed spinebuster)

- We see backstage promos from Tyler Breeze, Baron Corbin

- Eva Marie wishes NXT well from Paris. Oh.

Number One Contender's Match
Battle Royal
Baron Corbin, Blake, Bull Dempsey, Colin Cassady, Dash Wilder, Enzo Amore, Johnny Gargano, Mojo Rawley, Murphy, Rhyno, Samoa Joe, Scott Dawson, Tommaso Ciampa, Tye Dillinger, Tyler Breeze, Zack Ryder

A ton of people jump Samoa Joe to start it out. Apollo Crews clotheslines Steve Cutler out three minutes in, then tosses out Danny Birch and Elias Samson right after. Gargano attacks Apollo and gets tossed out onto all three of the aforementioned names. Murphy almost dumps Enzo over, but Amore hangs on, and the crowd chants "How you doin'." Murphy also hangs on by a thread when he's almost chucked over.

Riddick Moss is tossed out by Big Cass, who then gets tossed by the Mechanics. Enzo Amore comes up and dumps both Dawson and Wilder over, and the crowd goes nuts. Tye Dillinger ends the party and eliminates Enzo, then gets thrown over the top by Bull Dempsey. Rhyno eliminates Bull, who was trying to attack Baron Corbin. Corbin follows that up by sending Zack Ryder flying over the top rope to the floor. Corbin double crosses Rhyno and eliminates him.

During the commercial, Tommaso Ciampa is uranage'd out of the ring by Joe, who then gets rid of both Blake & Murphy. Joe then boots Breeze over the top rope, and it's just him, Corbin and Crews. Tyler Breeze causes Joe to get eliminated and it's down to the last two.

Corbin catches Crews with a big spinebuster, but can't finish his opponent off with it. Crews lands several clotheslines, but back flips into Corbin's knees. Several kicks and a clothesline send Corbin over the top rope. Crews wins.

Winner: Apollo Crews to become number one contender to the NXT Title


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