WWE NXT Recap (10/28:) Samoe Joe Vs. Tyler Breeze, NXT Title Match Set, Chad Gable & Jason Jordan

Welcome to Wrestling Inc's live coverage of WWE NXT! Please enter your ongoing feedback of tonight's show in the 'Comments' section below. Tonight's show has two big tag team matches, as well as Samoa Joe vs. Tyler Breeze!

Emma (w/ Dana Brooke vs. Shazza

Emma totally dominates Shazza with strikes early on, before using a ponytail snapmare and stepping on the hair of Shazza. A brief comeback by Shazza is stopped by an Emma Sandwich and the Emma Lock. That's a wrap.

Winner: Emma via submission (Emma Lock)

- We see James Storm's interview from last week.

- Who is Apollo Crews? Part two. These are really good.

Chad Gable & Jason Jordan vs. Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano

Gable and Ciampa have a totally unreal pin sequence, which results in the two looking at each other in the middle of a bridged knuckle lock. Ciampa connects with knees to the head of Jordan, but both men end up tagging out.

Gargano connects with an enziguri to Gable, but is caught in a rope hung armbar. Ciampa and Gargano bait Gable into running right into a slingshot shoulder block as we go to a commercial. We come back to see Gable having his body worked over in Ciampa and Gargano's corner, unable to make a tag. Gable finally makes a tag after a big arm drag.

Jordan goes crazy with big dropkicks and a belly-to-belly suplex before hitting a Gore and another suplex in the corner. Gargano and Ciampa hit a double enziguri, followed by a Gargano slingshot DDT, but Gable breaks the count. AssistPlex for the win.

Winners: Chad Gable & Jason Jordan via pinfall (AssistPlex)

- Bayley is backstage and thinks that since Alexa started hanging out with Blake and Murphy, she's changed. Bayley says she's not changing.

- Eva Marie cuts another promo from Paris. Her delivery was much better this time.

- We'll see Balor vs. Crews for the NXT Title next week.

Kay Lee Ray vs. Nia Jax

Kay Lee is swatted down out of the air and Nia elbows her. Nia applies a Canadian backbreaker, but Kay Lee gets out of it and dropkicks Jax in the face. Jax hits the spinebuster and a leg drop for the win.

Winner: Nia Jax via pinfall (leg drop)

- We see Dash and Dawson attacking Enzo and Cass from last week.

Dash and Dawson attack Cass and Enzo on the ramp, and break Cass' leg.

- Alexa, Blake and Murphy are backstage and challenge Bayley to a 6-person tag match. Bayley has to find two partners.

Samoa Joe vs. Tyler Breeze

Breeze taunts Joe, but Joe kicks Breeze out of the corner and destroys him with jabs. When Breeze is regrouping, Joe hits a huge suicide dive. Breeze clocks Joe with a kick, but Joe kicks out at one. A dropkick from Breeze gets two, but he's frustrated.

Joe hits an inverted atomic drop and a senton after working out of a chinlock, but it gets two, as does a scoop powerslam. Breeze escapes a Muscle Buster and hits a SuperModel Kick, but Joe kicks out. The two slug it out in the ring and Breeze rolls Joe up, but he's put in the Kokina Clutch for the submission.

Winner: Samoa Joe via submission (Kokina Clutch)

- Balor is backstage and says Crews deserves the title shot, and beat Breeze, Joe, and Corbin in the battle royal, but Crews hasn't beat Finn Balor. He says Crews will be NXT Champion, but it won't be next week.


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