WWE Reportedly Talking With Former Tag Team Champion, Performance Center Coach

It looks like WWE may be bringing back Nick "Eugene" Dinsmore in some capacity soon, according to PWInsider. There has been communication between the two sides recently but we don't know if they're talking about a talent job or another stint as a coach at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando. Dinsmore worked as a coach for about a year before being released in October 2014.

It was reported in September of this year that Dinsmore was working on launching his own indie promotion and wrestling school in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Dinsmore was considered to be a good trainer and was well liked by everyone when he was released last year. At the time, there was a theory going around that Dinsmore may have ended up on the wrong side of someone politically. He commented to AngryMarks.com last year shortly after his release:

"I've been with NXT for the past year and its been a phenomenal experience. I've grown as a coach, as a performer, as a business man, it was a great experience. I just wasn't the right fit for this time, and I understand that but 'never say never' brother because I've been back to WWE three times so you never know that's gonna happen in the future."

He was also asked if politics played a role:

"Honestly I don't know. I didn't do anything I felt on my part to get fired, but that's the way big business goes sometimes - sometimes you just don't get an answer. There was no ill will, I didn't burn a bridge, I didn't do anything wrong so - I'm actually happy just to be able to get out and start performing again and make a splash on the independent scene."

Source: PWInsider Elite

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