WWE SmackDown Rating Down, A Fury Of WWE Neckbreakers, WWE Diva Hanging Out With Fans

- The latest WWE Fury video looks at neckbreakers chiropractors hate, as seen above.

- Cameron will be hanging out with fans at Stir Lounge in Sherman Oaks, California on Tuesday, October 27th from 8pm until midnight for October being anti-bullying month. This is part of her "Wrong #" anti-bullying campaign.

- As noted, Thursday's WWE SmackDown drew 2.090 million viewers, down from last week's 2.147 million viewers. The final rating for the show was a 1.55, down a bit from last week's 1.57 rating. In comparison, Thursday's MLB Playoffs Game 5 on TBS with the New York Mets vs. the Los Angeles Dodgers drew 7.38 million viewers.