WWE SmackDown Recap (10/29): Wyatts Make Open Challenge, Roman Reigns Vs. Kevin Owens, More

Welcome to our WrestlingINC.com Smackdown coverage. Tonight's show is Smackdown's annual Halloween themed shwo.

- The Wyatt Family appears backstage, where they challenge any three people to take them on.


- Roman Reigns comes out and recaps his year, but is interrupted by Kevin Owens. Owens says that Reigns stole a victory from him Monday. Reigns says they can either talk or fight. Owens accepts the challenge.

Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns

Reigns knocks Owens to the mat, but Owens manages to run Reigns outside, where he tosses Roman into the guardrail. Owens follows up with a fallaway slam into the rail for a two count. Reigns fights back with a bunch of clotheslines and a big boot. Reigns gets kicked in the face, but counters the Cannonball with another clothesline. The two work to the top rope, where Owens is Superman Punched. Owens decides to leave and take the countout.

Winner: Roman Reigns via countout


- Dean Ambrose is backstage and tells Renee Young that he's answering the Wyatt Family Challenge. He doesn't know who's answering it with him, and doesn't care. After Ambrose leaves, and a ghost shows up....it's "Boo" Dallas.

Lucha Dragons vs. Ascension vs. Barrett & Sheamus vs. Dudley Boyz

Kofi and Big E join commentary to start the match. The Dudley Boyz take out Barrett & Sheamus, then the Lucha Dragons dropkick The Ascension, as the faces stand tall before the commercial. We come back and see The Dudley Boyz and Dragons work together. The Dudleyz and the Europeans brawl to the back, allowing Kalisto to hit Salida Del Sol on Viktor for the win.

Winners: Lucha Dragons via pinfall (Salida Del Sol)

Paige vs. Natalya

Paige boots Natalya right before the bell for two, but walks into a spinning clothesline from Natalya. Natalya tosses Paige overhead with a German suplex, but the match is interrupted by Team BAD. Natalya is distracted, and Paige finishes her with the RamPaige.

Winner: Paige via pinfall (RamPaige)

Team BAD attack Natalya. Naomi hits a modified Eat Defeat and Sasha locks on the Bank Statement.

- Ambrose sees Ryback in the back, who says he has unfinished business with the Wyatts. Ryback will join Ambrose and Cesaro tonight.


- Zeb Coulter and Del Rio come out with a Mexican/US mixed flag. Zeb Coulter says the US Title will now represent MexAmerica as the MexAmerica Championship.

Alberto Del Rio (w/ Zeb Coulter) vs. R-Truth

Del Rio makes quick work of R-Truth after a series of Truth clotheslines. Truth is put in the tree of woe and double stomped for the pin.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio via pinfall (double foot stomp)

- Boo Dallas scares Mark Henry and gets knocked out.

Dean Ambrose, Cesaro & Ryback vs. The Wyatt Family (w/ Bray Wyatt)

Ryback slams Harper and goes face to face with Strowman, before eating a brainbuster. We come back from commercial to see Rowan and Harper working over Ryback in the corner. Harper lands a slingshot senton, but Ryback lands a spinebuster and tags in Ambrose.

Ambrose goes nuts and hits Rowan with a bulldog and Harper with a slingshot dive, then does the same to both of them while Strowman just stands there. Harper lands the spin kick of doom, but Strowman eats turnbuckle. Cesaro gets another hot tag and takes Harper to the Uppercut Express. Cesaro follows up with a big Alphamare Waterslide on Harper for two before applying a crossface.

Ambrose and Ryback both dive onto Strowman, as Cesaro reapplies the crossface. Rowan breaks it up, but eats a clotheslines from Ambrose. Harper superkicks Ambrose, but Cesaro takes him out with a corkscrew uppercut, but Strowman throws the table and gets back up. Wyatt interferes behind the refs back, allowing Harper to hit the discus clothesline for the win.


Winners: The Wyatt Family via pinfall (Discus lariat)