WWE Superstars Recap (10/11): Cesaro Picks Up A Win, Adam Rose's New Gimmick Continues, PTP, More

Welcome to Wrestling Inc's coverage of WWE Superstars. Cesaro is scheduled to be in action today, and WWE Tag Champion Xavier Woods will be handling color commentary.

Adam Rose comes to the ring and says he doesn't know what to do, because with Cesaro in the ring, the party has already been pooped. Rose asks how it feels to see people like Rollins, Owens and Ambrose become stars while Cesaro is stuck competing against him. This was pretty good.

Cesaro vs. Adam Rose

Cesaro attacks right at the bell with a European uppercut and a press slam. Rose battles back with a second rope dropkick and elbows to the neck of the Swiss Superman. Rose stomps his foot like Shawn Michaels, then kicks the knee of Cesaro, but it doesn't get the pinfall. Adam Rose does a unique spin which sees him place Cesaro in the bow and arrow. Cesaro isn't entertained and hits one of the longest Cesaro Swings ever. He goes almost a minute before the Sharpshooter. Rose is done.

Winner: Cesaro via submission (Sharpshooter)

That was pretty awesome. If Cesaro's on Superstars, at least he's winning.

Prime Time Players vs. The Ascension

Young finds early success against Viktor, but Konnor quickly drops him to the mat with a shoulder block. PTP collectively return the favor, and send both Konnor and Viktor reeling at ringside as we go to a commercial break.

We come back to see Darren Young take a really nasty spill to the outside of the ring. He's dropped face-first across the barricade, then into the ring apron. The Ascension drag him into the ring and continue working over Young's back in their own corner, tagging in and out to stay fresh for the beating. Viktor catapults Young into the second rope, but no dice on the pin attempt. Young teases a comeback, but Viktor cuts him off.

As is tradition, Titus gets the hot tag and totally kills his opponents. Viktor is on the receiving end of three backbreakers, and Konnor walks into a powerslam. Konnor threatens with a boot, but Titus gets Clash of the Titus for the win.

Winners: Prime Time Players via pinfall (Clash of the Titus)


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