WWE Superstars Recap (10/30): Bo Dallas Vs. Fandango, Kalisto Picks Up A Singles Victory

Welcome to Wrestling Inc's coverage of WWE Superstars. Tonight we'll see Fandango, Bo Dallas, Kalisto and Viktor in action.

Kalisto (w/ Sin Cara) vs. Viktor (w/ Konnor)

Kalisto takes advantage quickly with a springboard armdrag and a slingshot moonsault, but gets dropped by a clothesline from Viktor upon returning to the ring. Viktor puts the boots to Kalisto, but can't get a pinfall off of it. Kalisto works out of a hold from Viktor and hits Salida Del Sol after Konnor unsuccessfully tries to distract him.

Winner: Kalisto via pinfall (Salida Del Sol)

- Did you want to watch 40 minutes of Raw previews? If so, watch this, because that's what happens.

Bo Dallas vs. Fandango

Bo Dallas grabs a headlock, but runs into a dropkick from Fandango. Bo decides to roll outside and take a premature victory lap, and Fandango meets him with a big clothesline outside the ring. We come back from a commercial to see Dallas chuck Fandango into the ringside barricade. Dallas is content to get a countout victory, but Fandango gets back in by the count of seven. Dallas welcomes him back to the squared circle with a neckbreaker.

Dallas applies a headlock, and cuts Fandango off when he tries to bust out. Fandango hits on a couple of clotheslines and a scoop powerslam, but they only get a two count. Fandango lands his now signature slingshot legdrop, and Dallas gets his shoulder up at two. Dallas pulls Fandango's leg out from under him and scores with Au Revoir for the win.

Winner: Bo Dallas via pinfall (Au Revoir)


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