Backstage News On Brock Lesnar's WWE Contract, Recent WWE Attendance, Big Increase For WWE Shop

- In regards to Brock Lesnar's most recent WWE contract that included extra dates and more money, apparently they have re-negotiated to add even more new dates and more money.

- WWE's Shop website processed 1,500 orders per day in September 2015, up 61% from 933 per day in September 2014, 567 per day in 2013 and 666 per day in 2012. The increase is due to mobile phone orders.

- Below are recent WWE attendance figures:

* November 4th in Dublin drew 8,500 fans
* November 5th in Cardiff drew a sellout of 4,500 fans
* November 5th in Lakeland, FL for NXT drew 275 fans
* November 5th in Glasgow drew 10,500 fans
* November 6th in Jacksonville, FL for NXT drew 250 fans
* November 6th in London drew 8,400 fans
* November 6th in Barcelona drew a sellout of 12,300 fans
* November 7th in Leeds drew 8,000 fans
* November 7th in Madrid drew a sellout of 15,000 fans
* November 8th in Birmingham drew 10,500 fans
* November 8th in Liverpool drew 8,000 fans
* November 9th in Manchester for RAW drew a sellout of 11,500 fans
* November 10th in Manchester for SmackDown drew 6,000 fans
* November 10th in Belfast drew 6,500 fans

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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