There was a lot of concern within TNA when they started hearing rumors of Ring of Honor leaving Destination America with another outlet waiting for them, according to PWInsider. The other outlet ended up being Sinclair Broadcasting's new COMET network, but there were people in TNA that were worried ROH had another network lined up.

PWInsider added that there is also a feeling within TNA that ROH was used by Destination America. This could be a valid concern or just paranoia but some in TNA feel that Destination America used ROH to prevent TNA Impact Wrestling from being renewed. Apparently when TNA signed a multi-year deal with Destination America, they had to hit a certain viewership mark in a certain amount of time in order for their 2-3 year automatic renewal to kick in. The feeling is that when TNA started to get close to that mark, the stories about Impact being canceled started coming out and then ROH was brought onto the network. The concern is that the rumors led to a drop in Impact viewers as fans saw it as a lame-duck product. Then ROH was signed and some people in TNA believe ROH was brought on to detract from TNA and to dilute the viewers, essentially preventing TNA from hitting that viewership mark and getting renewed.

As noted, this could be a valid concern or just paranoia among people in TNA. However, ROH leaving Destination America goes back to the original reports of the network getting away from pro wrestling. ROH leaving has had no changes in TNA's status with Destination America, as they are still expected to be gone by February 2016.

Source: PWInsider Elite

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