Backstage Talk On WWE Pushing Roman Reigns To The WWE World Heavyweight Title, Turning The Fans

- While WWE nixed original plans for Roman Reigns to win the WWE World Heavyweight Title at Survivor Series, and went with Sheamus as champion, that is still the long-term goal for the title.

It's interesting that WWE went with the big elaborate coronation with Reigns right before Sheamus cashed-in as that is still what they want to eventually do with him.

There's a feeling within WWE that some fans see Reigns as the corporate pick, so he gets booed by some of them at WWE TV tapings and pay-per-view events. The solution appears to be to keep having The Authority screw Reigns and keep him from the title, which they hope will cause the same fans to get behind Reigns and want him to win the title.

WWE officials hope fans get behind Reigns and support him before they "pull the trigger" on his big push as the centerpiece of the company, which you could say they have already done based on how he's booked.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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