Batista Talks Bad Experience With WWE Employee, Preview New Undertaker Book, Mark Henry

- Batista is not happy with WWE. He tweeted Saturday afternoon, "The day a WWE cameraman doesn't know your name and addresses you as Mr Cool Strong Dude is the day you realize your career is over. #Today."

Batista responded to a fan who wrote, "they probably fired somebody from Creative who then decided to become a cameraman." "The Animal" stated, "Both funny and sad at the same time!!Apparently you know more about the business than a lot of people they're hiring."

Batista, who last performed for WWE in 2014, appears as a henchman in the latest installment of the James Bond film series, Spectre, which is now playing in theaters worldwide. He promoted the film in an interview with that was published on Friday.

- Here is a video previewing Undertaker: 25 Years of Destruction, a 208 page hardcover book released this past week by WWE and DK.

The book gives a detailed, comprehensive account of The Undertaker's storied WWE career. It is written entirely in kayfabe, so there are no behind the scenes stories or acknowledgement of his life outside of WWE.

- Mark Henry spoke to The Dallas Morning News to promote WrestleMania 32 tickets going on sale this week. "The World's Strongest Man" only talked about football.


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