Bobby Lashley On If There Is Heat With WWE, Donald Trump Trying To Get Him A Date, Brock Lesnar, TNA

I recently interviewed TNA star and Bellator MMA heavyweight Bobby Lashley, who is coming off a first round victory over James Thompson at Bellator 145 last Friday. Below is the second and final part of the interview.

Click here for part one of the interview, where Lashley talked about CM Punk in the UFC, changes in Bellator since Scott Coker took over, Kurt Angle possibly fighting and if Angle has brought it up to him and more.

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You're involved in the TNA Title Series, which was taped this past summer. How much have you heard about the future of TNA? Is the tournament already over, or is it ongoing?

"I'm not really sure. I just come and perform when it's time to perform."

Has their schedule made it easy to balance TNA and Bellator?

"Yes. They do phenomenal work. When I talked with [Bellator CEO Scott] Coker, we told him we were going to do both Bellator and TNA. They were cool with it. I'm not too busy with TNA, so I can train, fight, and even do some independent bookings now."

You tried balancing TNA and MMA during your first run in TNA, during the Bischoff-Hogan era. Why do you think it's working out better this time?

"There was a lot going on with TNA. There were a lot of house shows, a lot of juggling. Things were Strikeforce were a lot different, too. They weren't sure about wrestling. Coker was running it, too, but they were giving out big contracts and wanted me."

What was the experience like working with Donald Trump at WrestleMania 23? Did you have much interaction with him? [Audio in the video clip above]

"It was WrestleMania, so it was an amazing experience. Donald Trump was really cool. I think a lot of people don't understand him. He brings so much media attention to anything he does. He's a proven success. I think people should listen to what he says a little more than focusing on hair. He's built a business empire. I talked to him quite a bit. At one point, he was trying to set me up with Miss America, which I thought was awesome (laughs). The cool thing about him is he wasn't one of those guys who came in because of his name and tried to take control of everything, he was a part of the team. He was like 'what can I do?' He was open to suggestions, he's knew his role."

With you doing the best you've ever done in your MMA career, would you be open to a WWE return, even if they wouldn't allow you to do MMA?

"I don't even know that Bellator would allow me to do WWE (laughs). I'm always open to anything. Whatever makes sense for myself, my family. There's no secret I love professional wrestling. It's not just the money all the time, I love wrestling, and I love fighting. I know I can wrestle a lot longer than I can fight. In fighting, I just have a few more years left. In wrestling, I might have 5, 10, 15 years left, who knows? I leave my options open?"

Do you think there's any heat on their end?

"I don't think there is. I'm still good friends with some people there. I've talked with Vince a couple times. Shane and I are pretty good friends, I talk with him from time to time. Dolph Ziggler, I talk to him from time to time. We just haven't really went that route. I'm with TNA, and TNA's treating me really well. I'm really enjoying being there. Until anything changes with that, we won't know."

The BDC faction with you, MVP and Kenny King really seemed to be picking up steam. Do you think they ended that too early?

"Absolutely. I don't go against the grain in anything, but with that I do. We had a heel faction, but people were liking us. I think there was a lot more we could have done with that group. After they pulled it a part and mixed other people into it, it's like the dynamic changed. I don't think people cared as much anymore. We had so much to do with that group and so much fun with it. Those two are legitimately good friends of mine. We were actually having some fun doing this stuff. MVP was grabbing the mic and getting us in trouble all of the time, and Kenny King was just a wild animal. I was there to shut people up. I thought it was a great thing we had going there."

How much do you think you'll be wrestling in 2016 as opposed to how much you'll be fighting?

"It just depends on what happens next for me. I'm looking to go out and have a good showing, and if I have a good showing there are a lot of big matchups in store for me. The three we already talked about. Winning a title, I'd be working with them a little more. If it's just doing bigger matches, I feel like I owe wrestling so much more. I'm never going to stop wrestling, and TNA works really well with my wrestling career, so I have the opportunity to do both. I think I'll do as much as I did this year. Could be more or less, but it depends on what happens next. "

Were you disappointed when Brock Lesnar re-signed with WWE? Scott Coker had expressed interest in signing him.

"Not at all. It's his business and his life. I don't pay his bills or sleep with his wife at night, or take care of his family. You don't know what's going on in his life. It would have been great to have a fight with Brock, but maybe I can wrestle Brock at some point. When somebody makes a decision on what they think they need to do, I don't question it at all. He made a lot of money and a huge impact in fighting, and now he decided to go back to wrestling and make the right moves for his family, and that's what's important."

Click here for part one of the interview, where Lashley talked about CM Punk in the UFC, changes in Bellator since Scott Coker took over, Kurt Angle possibly fighting and if Angle has brought it up to him and more.


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