Bobby Lashley Q&A: Training With Kurt Angle, Kimbo Slice, Title Shot, Wanting To Do MMA In WWE

Former TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley participated in a fan Q&A to promote last night's Bellator 145 show, and spoke out about several issues in his MMA and pro wrestling career. You can read highlights below, and see the full video above.

* Lashley said he may be one or two fights away from a title shot, and speculated that champion Vitaly Minakov may vacate the title.

* He has never sparred or trained with Kurt Angle, outside of his pro wrestling matches. He thinks Kurt Angle could do an MMA fight.

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* He doesn't do traditional bodybuilding workouts.

* If he fought Kimbo, he hasn't ruled out striking, but the safe bet would be to take him down.

* Lashley says he juggles a lot of things between wrestling, MMA and having kids. He said TNA and Bellator sat down with him to make sure he could do both.

* If he could have dinner with anyone, it'd be Beyonce. He mentions Albert Einstein, Michael Jordan, Oprah, Bill Gates and Barack Obama as well.

* He knew he wanted to be in MMA before he even got into pro wrestling. MMA got bigger towards the end of his WWE run, but he couldn't do both.

* His favorite food before a fight is salmon, potatoes and broccoli. He sticks to a lot of fish.


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