Bubba The Love Sponge Talks Hulk Hogan Sex Tape Scandal, How The Video Was Stolen, Reconciling, More

Former TNA personality and radio shock jock Bubba The Love Sponge spoke to WFTS in Tampa Bay about the Hulk Hogan sex tape and subsequent case. You can see highlights of the interview below, and the full, 27 minute video above.

* He wants everyone to be treated equally, and he doesn't think that he or Hogan have been treated fairly, particularly in the choice of who is being charged with what. He thinks that State Attorney Mark Ober has a vendetta against him based on former cases.

* His persona is a lot of show business, and he's an entertainer, and he'll use his reach to bring light to the situation.

* He said Matt Lloyd (Spice Boy) went from making $120,000 to $80,000, and that's why he was angry with Bubba. He said his revenue model decreased and had to cut costs. He said everyone took a pay cut.

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* He said that the act of Hogan having sex with his wife was something between consenting adults, and was caught on his home surveillance.

* Bubba said the act isn't illegal, but it's nobody's business, and shouldn't be stolen and distributed.

* He says the videos were in a box that he was advised to remove from his home during his divorce. He thinks someone sized up the box and knew it was in there. That person was Matt Lloyd, who sent a screenshot to The Dirty. Bubba didn't know who had it.

* Bubba says that everything he said to the feds was eventually validated. He wants Matt Lloyd prosecuted, and thinks this case can lead to it being a deterrent to other acts of extortion down the road.

* He said he paid Matt Lloyd well over a million dollars, and ended up getting paid $8,500 by TMZ, which he put in his 10-year old stepson's account. He has an offer to Lloyd where he can come into the studio and admit what he did, and buy everyone lunch and a lottery ticket, then he'll drop civil charges.

* He hopes that he and Hulk can reconcile at some point. He doesn't plan on reaching out to Hulk any time soon because there's a civil trial coming up soon.

* Bubba wants to retire, and says he doesn't want to do this anymore because this has shown him a side of people he didn't know, and he's having a hard time trusting people.


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