Bullet Club Member Talks About WWE Releasing Balor Club Shirts, More

Bullet Club member Tama Tonga recently spoke with the Chad Dukes Wrestling Show. You can see the highlights below, and the full interview at this link:

WWE making Balor Club shirts:

"When it came out, I was like 'Oh really?' and I understand and at the same time, I told Ferg, 'If they want to do it, do it bro, make the money off it.' That's our friend. He's on another ship now and we just want the best for him and want him to succeed more. If this is what helps him get up more, okay, that's our buddy. Man, Devitt, all I want is success for him over there. He taught me a lot over there in Japan and to see him leave was like, damn."

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Wrestling and filling his father Meng's shoes:

"I knew my dad made a big name, but man he kept us so kayfabed from the wrestling business growing up. So when I did join and finally start traveling, I started to actually know my dad a lot more and what he went through. So it was just like, 'oh wow, this guy really put in a lot of work and opened up a lot of doors for me.' So as I traveled everybody knew, they found out who I was, but I didn't want to be known for that. I kinda wanted to pave my own road, go my own different style. I think a lot of people are looking for me to be like my dad and though I love his wrestling, I loved him growing up, I'd like to have some of him but also create something of my own, be an original. Looking at wrestling as an art form, I want to be an original wrestler."

Source: Chad Dukes Wrestling Show


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