CM Punk Puts Over New Day, Talks How To Get Over In WWE, Hanging Out With Kofi Kingston, More

CM Punk has been adamant about falling out of love with wrestling in the years leading up to his defection from the WWE to the UFC. He hasn't completely tuned out wrestling, however. Well, at least when his friends make him watch.

CM Punk recently took part in a Q&A where a fan asked him how much pro wrestling he watches these days. Punk said that he hasn't watched a show from start to finish for years, but did watch a bunch of New Day segments.

"Kofi was just at my house because Raw was in Chicago. I watched strictly New Day segments. Once again, how late on they on those (guys)? Kofi and Big E were two guys I was championing backstage like 'let them do something, let them do something.' Now they're doing their doing they're own thing," Punk said.

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Punk mentioned that he felt like characters getting to do what made them most comfortable on screen is what leads to great TV. He also pointed out that not worrying too much was also helpful.

"That's what gets over there, when people lose their minds. You have to reach the point where you don't give a f--k, and if you've watched those guys, they clearly don't care. It's brilliant, and when the performers in the ring are having fun, it's infectious," said Punk.

You can see Punk's full comments on the matter in the video above.


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