Dudleyz Talk Heated Discussion With Hardys And Edge & Christian, Going Solo, Devon's Money Box

The Dudley Boyz recently sat down with Chris Jericho on an episode of Talk Is Jericho and talked about how Bubba Ray never wanted to be a singles wrestler, Reverend D-Von's money box, and arguing with the Hardy Boyz and Edge & Christian over the finish of their WrestleMania 17 TLC match in Houston, TX.

According to Bubba Ray, he never wanted to be a singles wrestler and it was D-Von who wanted to try his hand as a singles competitor.

"I never had a desire to be a singles wrestler, ever, since the first day I started watching wrestling, I always knew I wanted to be part of a tag team. I grew up watching [Tony] Garea and [Rick] Martel, the [Wild] Samoans, [Mr.] Fuji and [Mr.] Saito, and all those guys. And I loved tag team wrestling." Bubba Ray continued, "D-Von, on the other hand, always had a little bit of an itch to try to be a singles wrestler, so it was kind of like, 'alright, D-Von. Lets see what we can do with this.' And it wound up working pretty well for the both of us. We both had nice singles runs down there in TNA and then that came to an end and me and D-Von kind of got back together."

As for whether Reverend D-Von and Deacon Batista ever received money from fans for their collection box, D-Von boasted that he made $300 or $400 one night.

"I told Paul E. [Heyman] that [fans putting money in the box] would never happen and he said, 'D-Von, if you deliver the message the way you should deliver it, they'll give you money.' Sure enough, people were dropping dollar bills inside the collection box!" D-Von continued, "APA would be right there looking at me [opening the money box backstage] going, 'hey, Devon, what are we drinking tonight? You're paying, right?'"

D-Von jokingly told Vince McMahon that he would gladly trade in his WWE contract for the chance to walk around the arenas with his collection box.

"I said, 'we can do this the right way. You don't even have to give me my contract anymore. If you let me go within the people, in the mass, and collect money from each and every one of them, I won't need the contract. I'll be rich. 18,000, 15,000, forget about it. That's all I need!'"

On the subject of working with the Hardy Boyz and Edge & Christian, Bubba Ray said that they only ever had one argument. Bubba Ray claimed that the six men went into a private suite in Houston's Astrodome with no agents or WWE representatives to hash out their WrestleMania 17 match on their own.

"We got to a heated discussion [or] debate about what was going to be the final bump of the match, whether it was going to be the spear [from Edge to Jeff Hardy] in mid air or it was going to be me and Matt [Hardy] going off the ladder through the four tables. And I wanted it to be the spear and it didn't wind up being [the last big bump of the match]."

To listen to the whole podcast, click here.

Source: Talk Is Jericho


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