Goldberg "Enjoyed Vomiting" More Than WWE, John Cena Trainwreck Audition Video, Canyon Cemen News

- In the video above, Goldberg talks to TMZ Sports and says Steve Austin would be the one he wants to have one last match again. Goldberg also says Austin was pouring beers out in WWE but he, Goldberg, was really drinking them. Goldberg also says he enjoys acting and "vomiting" more than his work in WWE. Goldberg said he had a good time in WCW but WWE was different because he was "sick and tired" of dealing with bad situations at that point in his life. Goldberg described his WWE run as a bad time.

- A recent episode of WWE Breaking Ground had WWE's Senior Director of Talent Development Canyon Cemen informing a talent that they were being let go. Canyon was just brought in for the show as usually WWE Head Coach Matt Bloom (Tensai, Jason Albert) is the one who gives the bad news, according to PWInsider.

- Judd Apatow's "Trainwreck" movie hits stores tomorrow on DVD and Blu-ray. John Cena has a hit role in the film and the Blu-ray features Cena's audition scene, as seen below:


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