Hulk Hogan Talks Being The First To Recognize Kevin Owens' Potential, Advice For Younger Stars

Hulk Hogan recently spoke with Radio Yorkshire to promote his upcoming Sheffield Arena show on November 14, 2015. During the interview, Hogan talked about Kevin Owens and offered some advice to up and coming stars.

With respect to Kevin Owens, Hogan claimed that he was the first to heap praise on the current WWE Intercontinental Champion. Hogan said Owens' look is not as important as his stong old school professional wrestling psychology.

"Well, I hate to brag about it, but I'm the first one to point the finger at Kevin Owens. I saw him on NXT, like his second match, and saw him just chop and beat and grind and beating his guy down and doing it the old school way and really understanding how to get heat, doing it the old school way and I said, 'that's the guy'. I said, 'that's the guy. I don't care if he looks like a wrestler [or] looks like an ice cream salesman. I don't care. That's the guy.'"

When asked what advice he would offer to breakout professional wrestling stars, Hogan suggested that young wrestlers should remain coachable.

"Keep their eyes wide open, keep their ears wide open, and tape on their mouth and learn this business the right way. And then, the business will take care of you. You won't have to fight so hard to make the money and to make it. Keep your mouth shut and you understand what's going on, then the business will take care of you. That's my advice."

In addition to these topics, Hogan talked about some of his major WrestleMania moments, turning heel, and much more. To listen to the entire interview, click here.

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Source: Radio Yorkshire