Jay Lethal Talks About Possibly Working For WWE

ROH World Champion Jay Lethal recently spoke with NashvilleScene.com to promote tonight's Ring of Honor TV tapings. The full interview is at this link. Lethal, who has been the subject of WWE speculation this year, commented on possibly going to work for the company:

"I'm going to say that, for most professional wrestlers around my age and from my generation, the reason we got into wrestling was due to a love that was created in part by being fans of the WWE as kids.

"To say that I wouldn't want to work there would be a misstatement, because it is the company that started my love for professional wrestling, so I do have to say that it would be cool to wrestle for the WWE. But on the other side of that token, I wouldn't feel like, 'Man, I really missed out on something big.'"

Source: NashvilleScene.com


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