JBL, Savio Vega, Shawn Michaels And Others Talk About The Undertaker's "Bone Street Krew"

- You may have heard rumors of The Undertaker having his own backstage group in WWE to combat Shawn Michaels and The Kliq years ago. Taker's group, The Bone Street Krew, is represented with a tattoo he has on his abdomen that says, "BSK Pride." Other members of the group have similar tattoos.

The group was made up of Taker, Savio Vega, Henry Godwinn, The Godfather, Mideon (Phineas Godwinn), Yokozuna (who actually started the group), Brian Adams, Rikishi, Paul Bearer and Mr. Fuji. WWE's website recently conducted an interesting interview with a few members of the group, as well as Shawn Michaels and JBL, seen at this link. Below are some highlights:

Godfather on the group:

We were a bunch of guys that hung out together, rode together, listened to the same type of music, did the same things at night and we played dominoes. The Godwinns didn't play dominoes. Savio played. But the ones that definitely played were me, Rikishi, Yoko and Undertaker.

JBL and HBK on rumors of the two groups having issues:

JBL: I hate to dispel the myths about all these groups that were warring back in the day, but they weren't warring back in the day. I was in the locker room with all these guys. The BSK, to my knowledge, never had a problem with The Kliq. Really, nobody did.

HBK: We all hung out at the same places, anyway. We were friendly. At some point, the rumor started that The BSK started because of The Kliq, but I don't know who started the stirring of the pot that we didn't get along.

Vega on Taker offering to get him a contract extension:

When my contract ended, I went to Taker and said, "Bro, I'm finished." He said, "What do you mean finished? Let me talk to them and get you two more years." I said, "No, we've got something we're going to do in Puerto Rico." So he asked, "You sure? Come on, two more years." But that was it for me. I appreciate him trying to help me.

Source: WWE


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