Jim Ross has a great article at FOX Sports looking at the Undertaker’s legendary career. JR talked about first meeting Taker in WCW, noticing Taker’s potential, The Undertaker’s streak ending, Taker offering advice and becoming “a better listener than Dr. Phil,” how Taker was his secret weapon during the Attitude Era and much more. He also talked about Taker’s contract WCW expiring, and Ole Anderson – who was the booker at the time – doubting Taker’s future in the business. JR wrote:

Ole Anderson was the booker — ultimately in charge of the talent roster — and he felt that Mark “would never draw a dime.” Ole and I disagreed on this matter, but I lost the argument as many did to the combative wrestler.

Ole generally had a good feel for who had “it” and who didn’t, but it’s easy to say 25 years later even Ole Anderson can make a mistake.

It’s a great read, you can check it out by clicking here.

– With the WWE Survivor Series this Sunday, WWE doesn’t have any live events scheduled this weekend outside of a pair of NXT events. Dean Ambrose and Charlotte will be appearing at the 2015 Reno Comic Con tonight. Charlotte will also be appearing at Tapout Fitness this Sunday in Norcross, GA at 10 am with Dolph Ziggler and Xavier Woods.