Konnan On How Much Alberto Del Rio Is Making With New WWE Deal, His Remaining AAA Dates

Recently on MLW Radio, Konnan talked about WWE United States Champion Alberto Del Rio's situation with WWE and AAA.

According to Konnan, the figure of $450,000 that Del Rio has been rumored to make for returning to WWE is false, as he was making more than that amount working for AAA.

"There's absolutely no way he's going to go back [to WWE] to make less money than he was making over here [in AAA], so that figure is bulls--t," Konnan claimed. "I just think that a lot of guys, [WWE] don't pay them that well and then they hear that number and then they get hot and so now they've got to spin it."

Konnan stated that Del Rio had three more television dates left on his deal with AAA at the time he rejoined WWE. Obviously, the AAA show on Monday, November 2 conflicted with WWE Monday Night RAW from Denver, Colorado; however, Del Rio plans to keep one, if not both, of his remaining dates with AAA.

"He's going to try to make, for sure, one of them, possibly two of them, so that's still being worked out. And you know that's pretty special because you know Vince [McMahon]. When else has he ever let anybody who's a champion on his TV [programming] go over to another TV show as the champ?"

Konnan suggested that the way in which Del Rio departed from WWE in 2014 gave him some leverage to honor some of his remaining dates with AAA.

"His whole thing was like, when he spoke to [WWE about returning to the company], one of the things he said was, like, 'hey, when you closed the door, [AAA] opened the door for me. I don't want to leave them hanging like that.' That's honorable, bro, so, he wants to come back."

Konnan claimed that Del Rio is happy to be back with WWE and that he has every intention of making the most of the situation.

"He seemed happy to be back and he fixed whatever problems there were and he [has] got a couple of years left and he's going to make as much money as he can."

Also on the episode, Rey Mysterio appeared and spoke about the Alberto Del Rio-WWE situation, his return to AAA, Eddie Guerrero, the evil Rey Low Ki character, working Myzteziz/Carlístico, his retirement match idea and more. You can check out the full episode at this link.


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