Kurt Angle Reveals How Much Money UFC Offered Him, Puts Over Chad Gable & Jason Jordan, More

Former TNA and WWE Champion Kurt Angle spoke to WhatCulture recently about his upcoming UK tour, Bellator, and taking a break from wrestling. You can see highlights below, and the full interview above.

- Angle says that he's completely healthy, and that his matches in January will be his last for TNA wrestling.

- "I signed a deal with Bellator to commentate. I signed with an agency to do more movies. I always wanted to fight, but at 46, that's looking really slim," Angle said.

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- Angle mentioned he may take about a year off and come back.

- Angle was approached by UFC in 1997, but the money wasn't there. He was offered a 10-fight deal for $150,000 total. He said he later spoke to Dana White in 2006, but they couldn't come up to an agreement about pro wrestling.

- Kurt talks about his appearance with WWE in early 1999 on Sunday Night Heat, working with Tiger Ali Singh.

- Angle puts over Chad Gable and Jason Jordan, and says they don't want to compare themselves to other guys who have done the amateur wrestling gimmick.

- Kurt says he's better as a heel because he doesn't have a flashy babyface style, but it's hard for him to be a good guy now.

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