Kurt Angle Says TNA Match Is His New Favorite, Jim Cornette Rips ROH & TNA TV Deals, The Wolves

- During his tour in the U.K., Kurt Angle appeared on the In Ring Pop podcast. During the interview, Angle talked about his favorite match.

"My favorite match changes: I would have said my first world title against The Rock but then last year I wrestled Bobby Lashley," Angle said, via Mancunian Matters. "I validated then that I could do as much at 46 as I could at 32 and that I was just as good now, and so that became my favorite."

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- The Huffington Post recently spoke to The Wolves, which you can read here. During the interview, The Wolves talked about striving to become the best tag team n wrestling, facing each other and more. They also talked about the current tag team wrestling scene.

"[Tag team wrestling] is experiencing a mass resurgence both here and overseas," said Davey Richards. "All companies have great tag teams putting on terrific matches, and TNA is no different. Eddie and I are happy to represent that."

"It's a great time for tag team wrestling," Eddie Edwards added. "As long as [The Wolves] are at the helm of it in TNA, we will gladly carry it on. Our goal is always to be the best."

- Jim Cornette recently took to his Twitter to comment on TNA's new deal with Pop TV and ROH's deal with Comet:


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