- Kris Zellner of The Lucha Report notes that new WWE talent Manuel Alfonso Andrade Oropeza (La Sombra) spoke with Miedo Tiempo this past week about signing with the company and he said he talked with guys like Alberto Del Rio, Kalisto, Oscar Vasquez (Magno) and the original Sin Cara about what they went through in going from Mexico to WWE. All of them told Sombra that NXT was the best route for him to succeed, not joining the main roster immediately.

Sombra said he's working hard in the ring but also working hard to thoroughly learn the English language. It was noted before that Sombra can speak English well but he's looking to improve and become an all-around better performer. Sombra also said he misses his friends, Rush and La Mascara, and hopes they can join him in WWE one day to reunite Los Ingobernables.