We're just now getting ratings from last Wednesday due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Last Wednesday's episode of Ring of Honor on Destination America drew 141,000 viewers. This is up 24% from the previous week's 114,000 viewers.

Last week's TNA Impact Wrestling on Destination America, featuring week 8 of the World Title Series, drew 234,000 viewers. This is up 16% from the previous week's 202,000 viewers. The midnight replay drew 78,000 viewers, the same as the previous week. TNA drew a total of 312,000 viewers this past week, up 11% from the previous week's record-low on Destination America total of 280,000.

We noted before that Showbuzz Daily is now releasing the top 150 shows on cable for the night, instead of the top 100, and TNA did not crack the top 150 the previous week. They placed #138 on Thanksgiving week, in between two talk programs on MSNBC and HLN.

Source: ShowBuzzDaily.com