Lilian Garcia Releases Eddie Guerrero Tribute Song, Former WWE Tag Team Reunites, Undertaker Book

- Lilian Garcia has released a song she wrote paying tribute to Eddie Guerrero after he passed away 10 years ago. It is called "Live On."

"10 years ago we not only lost a great wrestler but an amazing man Eddie Guerrero," Garcia states. "He inspired me to write a song about him and his life. It's called "Live On" and it has never been released...until now. It's a tribute to show how his spirit continues to truly live on...."

- Early 1990s WWE tag team The Beverly Brothers reunited on Saturday at The Big Event IX at the LaGuardia Plaza Hotel in East Elmhurst, New York. Here is a photo of former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts with Beau Beverly (Wayne Bloom) and Blake Beverly (Mike Enos).

- Fans can preview the recently released Undertaker book, Undertaker: 25 Years of Destruction, at The synopsis of the book reads: "See The Deadman like you've never seen him before! With stunning visuals and in-depth commentary, Undertaker: 25 Years of Destruction takes the reader deep into the darkness, where few dare to tread! Learn everything you need to know about sports-entertainment's mysterious grim reaper of justice with this massive hardcover tome."


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