– We’ve noted how Titus O’Neil was filming this past week with Wayde King and Brett Raymer of Animal Planet’s “Tanked” show, including at the WWE Performance Center. Filming wrapped on Friday and the group installed a 4,000 pound, 375-gallon saltwater fish tank in Titus’ office. The episode will air in April 2016.

An article on TBO.com has comments from the hosts and Titus. It also reveals that Titus owns a sports & entertainment management company in Lutz, Florida called Two Toros. This is where the tank was installed.

It was noted that the hosts expected Titus to go with a WWE theme but he went with a University of Florida design instead. The tank features a handmade 80-pound University of Florida gator head. Titus commented on why he chose his office for the location:

“I don’t let a lot of people into my home. I want people to experience it and my office is where I conduct much of my business.”

A photo of the tank is below: