New WWE Breaking Ground Airing After Survivor Series, Renee Young - The Miz, WWE OMG Moments

- A new episode of WWE Breaking Ground will air on the WWE Network this Sunday night after Survivor Series goes off the air. It will replay after Monday's RAW goes off the air. The description reads like this:

"An injury threatens Jason Jordan and Chad Gable's status while distance keeps The Hype Bros apart. Also ZZ struggles to train."

- Tuesday at 4:30pm EST a new episode of The WWE List will debut on the WWE Network. The description reads like this:

"Listing the most jaw dropping OMG Moments in WWE History!"

- A new episode of Unfiltered with Renee Young will premiere on Wednesday at 4:30pm EST. Her guest will be The Miz. Below is the synopsis:

"Aweeesome! Renee goes Hollywood with The Miz and discusses everything from his love life and puppies, to his passion for acting and karaoke!"


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