Nikki Bella On John Cena's Reaction To Dolph Ziggler Making A Pass At Her, Brie Ready For Kids

The Bella Twins spoke with Reveal Magazine in the UK a few weeks back to promote the recent WWE European tour. You can read Nikki Bella's interview at this link and Brie Bella's at this link. Nikki commented on ex-boyfriend Dolph Ziggler telling her that he had feelings for her on Total Divas, and John Cena's reaction:

"It wasn't that I was tempted by Nick. It was the thought that there are others out there that want to give you marriage and kids. With Nick it's hard to go back once you're over it, but it did cross my mind that someone does want to make me a wife and someone does want to make me a mother.

"Poor John was like, 'Is there anything I should be worried about?', I was like 'Umm I don't think so...' But no, I adore John and I couldn't imagine my life without him."

Brie talked about how she and Daniel Bryan are ready for kids:

"I am so ready for motherhood. The hardest thing in our business is that, unfortunately, you can't wrestle and be pregnant," she said. "It's this ongoing tug of war inside if I'm ready to hang up my boots and start trying.

"Bryan and I have this crazy baby fever. We are so ready for it in our lives - especially considering how we are with our dog Josie - we're so ready for a kid. You're going to see me battle with it next series... It's definitely around the corner, though!"

Source: Reveal


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