Paige Addresses Rumors Of Possible WWE Heat After "F Bomb", Talks More Brits Joining WWE

Paige recently spoke with talkSPORT while on he current WWE UK tour. The full interview is at this link. She commented on more Brits possibly joining WWE:

"There are girls who I really love who are in Bellatrix. There's Sammi Baynz and Liberty and endless amounts of wrestlers I grew up with. The more Brits the better. There's only a handful of us [in WWE at the moment] so the more the merrier! But there is a cut off point. They can't be stealing my spotlight!"

Paige also addressed rumors of WWE officials being upset after she dropped a "f bomb" during a recent live Periscope chat.

"There was no fallout," Paige said. "I'm very loose with my tongue sometimes and I say things I don't really mean. But you know what, as soon as I was on there, it was 'Eff you, Paige.' Well, eff you back! And that was it. There was no fallout, there was no nothing. You know how the internet goes - they take something and make it huge. They don't know nothin'! They' punished me by letting me go on Conan, yeah. Ugh!"

Paige also appears on the Gorilla Position podcast that drops this Wednesday, available on iTunes and

Source: talkSPORT


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