Possible Major Change In Plans For The Next WWE World Heavyweight Champion And Survivor Series

- We've noted how even before Seth Rollins went down with an injury, WWE's goal was to have Roman Reigns win the WWE World Heavyweight Title and go into 2016's WrestleMania 32 season with the title. After Rollins went down, it was still planned and expected that Reigns would win the title at Survivor Series.

Over the past few days and this past weekend, there was a big push within the WWE creative team for Dean Ambrose to make it to the tournament finals and leave Survivor Series with the WWE World Heavyweight Title, according to PWInsider.

Either way, it looks like Reigns vs. Ambrose will be the Survivor Series main event. While there are a lot of people within WWE pushing for Ambrose to win, this does not mean he will as the final call is always made by Vince McMahon.

It will be interesting to see, if they do go with Reigns vs. Ambrose, if it's babyface vs. babyface or if one of them turns heel. No one expects Reigns to turn heel but there's a lot they could do with an Ambrose turn.

Source: PWInsider Elite

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