Pro Athlete On How Rough His Recent WWE Tryout Was, When He Plans On Signing, WWE Support

- As Raj noted before, international rugby star Daniel Vidot, who recently had a WWE tryout and was offered a deal, isn't headed to WWE any time soon as he has just signed a two-year deal with the Super League rugby club Salford. Vidot is 25 years old now and believes he will start with WWE at the perfect age. The Courier Mail reported that his initial deal with WWE would be worth around $100,000 per year. Below are some highlights from The Courier:

Getting the call from WWE and the future:

"It would be a dream come true to make it in the WWE, it would be a massive achievement, but there is a lot of responsibility and sacrifices I would have to make. It (an approach from WWE) was something I didn't expect. I got a call out of nowhere, but the trial over there went really well and they were really happy with me. My big journey has only just started."

WWE supporting his return to rugby:

"The WWE guys said most wrestlers don't start until their late 20's, so my time is on my side. I told them I am not finished with football yet and they were very understanding with that. I'll do my time with Salford and eventually make my trip to the States to become a professional wrestler."

His tryout at the WWE Performance Center

"I did some rolls around the ring and got the feel of it. The actual ring and ropes are harder than you think. I got a sore back doing some drills and the blisters on my back from hitting the ropes were so bad I was bleeding for a couple of days. It's a long process, but it's nothing new to me being a professional NRL player. it's a huge challenge, but I like taking on challenges."

First Day was Crazy!! Time to get rest ?? #challengeaccepted #orlando #wwe

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