Report: Big Star Planning Six Week Camp To Decide On Possible UFC Comeback

Prominent boxing trainer Freddie Roach made UFC fans optimistic about a possible return for former Welterweight king Georges St-Pierre this week. The coach said that GSP is contemplating a return to the UFC.

Roach said that he worked with GSP recently, holding mitts for him for ten rounds. He then dropped a bombshell to FightHubTV. Roach stated that St-Pierre has decided to enter a training camp in order to determine whether or not he should compete in mixed martial arts again.

"He's going to train for a fight," said Roach, legendary boxing trainer. "He's gonna have a six-week training camp. At the end of the six weeks, if he feels like he's ready to fight and he's hungry for it like he always has been, he's gonna do it. He's gonna fight one more time."

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Despite the fact that this huge leap for GSP's stance on fighting seems optimistic, Roach says it's no slam dunk.

"If he doesn't feel it and he feels like it's just not there, he's gonna let it go and he's going retire. I think it's a really good idea. I think it's really, really smart to do that, to see where he's at in his mind," said Roach.

St-Pierre retired following a close victory over Johny Hendricks at UFC 167 in November 2013. A 2014 ACL tear sidelined the former champion for most of the year.


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