Road Warrior Animal Reveals Why WWE Made LOD Carry A Puppet, Why They Left The WWE, More

WWE Hall of Famer Animal was long known as the responsible member of the legendary wrestling tag team, the Road Warriors. The former WCW, WWF, AWA and NWA tag champion opened up to WrestleTalk TV about his partner Hawk's demons, as well as the infamous puppet Rocco.

Animal was very vocal about his hatred for the puppet, saying that the WWE's reasons for bringing it along was simply to sell merchandise.

"That puppet got 'mysteriously lost' at the airport, I'll tell you that right now. After Summerslam, that thing were gone. They did the puppet because Hawk and I sold a lot of action figures. They were trying to find a softer side of the Road Warriors. We have spiked shoulder pads on. No way you're going to find a softer side to the Road Warriors. It was their idea, and Hawk and I hated it," Animal said.

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Animal also opened up about why the Road Warriors left the WWE. He said that often times Hawk would get suspended, and he would also get time off because of it.

"Hawk was a partier and got suspended a few times. One of the times he got suspended was three months. You're not going to put me on TV not Hawk, so when he got a three month vacation, I got a three month vacation. That's literally what happened. That's why we left," Animal explained.

You can check out Road Warrior Animal's full comments about Rocco the puppet and his partner Hawk in the video above.


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