Road Warrior Animal Says LOD Was Better Than The Dudley Boyz, Compares The Two Teams

The WWE recently

  • saw the return

Your text to link... of the legendary Dudley Boyz tag team after a decade-plus absence from the company. While the team was away, they became the most decorated tag team in wrestling. However, Road Warrior Animal still thinks he and longtime partner Hawk were the better team.

The Dudleyz, as mentioned, are the most decorated team in wrestling, winning WWF, WCW, ECW, NWA, TNA and several other titles. However, Animal seems to put more weight into the regional territories that he and Hawk dominated. He spoke to WrestleTalkTV about the comparisons

"You can't just go by being tag team champs of TNA or WWE...(lists off titles LOD won) that to me is a different status symbol. I'm not saying the Dudleyz aren't great, I love the Dudleyz. They were respectful when Hawk passed away. Whenever they did our finish they pointed to the sky. Love the guys," said Animal.

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Animal also thinks the Legion Of Doom's drawing power helped set them apart from the Dudley Boyz.

"If you really asked them in their own hearts, they'd have to say Road Warriors. You're never going to have Hulk Hogan again in our business. You're never going to have Legion of Doom, Andre, The Rock. There are about 6 guys you'll never have again, then about one step lower guys, guys like Sting and the Dudleyz. Great guys, don't get me wrong, someone who can put asses in seats, you're not going to have that again. When you ask me like that, it has to be the Road Warriors," Animal said.

Animal went on to praise the Usos, Prime Time Players and New Day as the WWE's new generation of tag teams, but says fans aren't getting invested in tag team talents because the WWE is a singles territory.


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