ROH TV Recap (11/18): Tag Team Title Match, Steve Corino Says Goodbye, Mystery Man Appears, Boys

Welcome to this week's Ring of Honor TV coverage from Wrestling Inc. The show is headlined by a tag team title match between Kingdom and Addiction

- The show kicks off with a vignette, showing Silas Young trying to teach the Boys how to be men.

Silas Young & Beer City Bruiser (w/ The Boys) vs. War Machine

The Boys have to carry a half-keg to the ring. Hanson and the Beer City Bruiser run into each other, but BCB is sent outside while War Machine runs the boot parade on Young. The Boys try to pick BCB up to help him, but can't lift him. Back inside, Young gets a little offense before eating a Superman punch from Rowe. As Rowe is charging him, BCB derails Rowe with a shoulder block. Young and BCB work over Rowe, and BCB hits a huge frog splash for two that gets a big pop out of the crowd.

We come back from a commercial to see Rowe uranage BCB, and tag in Hanson. He goes wild, dominating everyone until the Boys grab his leg. He proceeds to stack the Boys and Young up and deliver a clubberin'. Rowe gives BCB an impressive exploder suplex, but gets clotheslined by Young. Young eats a Spin Kick of Doom, and the BCB gets Fallout. War Machine victorious.

Winners: War Machine via pinfall (Fallout)

Young hits the Boys after the match.

- Steve Corino comes out, and joins Nigel McGuinness in the ring. McGuinness said that Corino was warned if he touched a wrestler again, he'd be let go. McGuinness says he can't reinstate Corino as a color commentator, but he can as a wrestler. McGuinness announces Whitmer vs. Corino for a Fight Without Honor. Corino talks about his dream of being a pro wrestler. Corino says he has to have neck surgery, and he has to get a fusion, and his career is over. He tells the fans goodbye to a great reaction.

- We see Silas Young teaching the Boys how to use a urinal, which is hilarious. They try to sit down while using it.

- We get this week's Story Time With Adam Cole. He complains about Nigel's list of contenders in a really good promo. He says he'll make sure that Kyle O'Reilly is gone.

- Silas Young teaches the Boys how to use a plunger.

Michael Elgin vs. Kevin Lee Davidson

Davidson is enormous, and gets killed with a clothesline immediately. Elgin wins.

Winner: Michael Elgin via pinfall (clothesline)

After the match, Elgin says he's going to get the ROH Title back.

ROH Tag Team Championship
Kingdom (c) (w/ Maria Kanellis) vs. Addiction (w/ Chris Sabin)

We go to a commercial after a stalemate to see Bennett and Daniels going back and forth until a double clothesline takes both men down outside. Kaz and Taven go to hit each other with belts, and then both fake being hit with belts as the ref starts a ten count. This spot was hilarious. Sabin and Kanellis both trip the two men at the same time. The ref ejects Sabin and Kanellis as we go to commercial.

Bennett lands a pescado on Kaz, then Daniels scores a slingshot moonsault on him, before Taven dives over the top rope onto Daniels. Addiction land a backdrop neckbreaker on Taven, but they only get a two count, and Kaz falls victim to a Proton Pack. Daniels breaks up the pin, and Kaz hits a slingshot DDT on Taven. Bennett accidentally takes the ref out, and all four men are down in the ring.

Maria gets in the ring, and Daniels grabs her by the hair. Bennett stops him, and Maria kicks Daniels square in the balls before superkicking him. A masked KRD member superkicks Kaz, and Kingdom wins the match.

Winner: Kingdom via pinfall to retain the ROH World Tag Team Championships

War Machine show up on the ramp. They'll be taking on Kingdom at Final Battle.