Ronda Rousey's Coach Comes Under Fire Due To Mid And Post Fight Comments

One of MMA's most visible coaches is caught in the crosshairs following a loss to his top student.

Edmond Tarverdyan gained a reputation over the past several years due to his affiliation with MMA juggernaut Ronda Rousey, but after the one-sided beat down that new champion Holly Holm delivered at Saturday Night's UFC 193, many fans and media are calling for Rousey to change camps. Tarverdyan's comments to ESPN following Rousey's loss accelerated those opinions.

"The game plan was pressing," Tarverdyan told ESPN. "I wouldn't say in the striking game she was getting the best of Ronda, you know, but I have to watch it again. But we know this was not a striking match; we know that Ronda is smart enough to take the fight where she is best at and today she did. Holly stopped an attempt on an armbar and stopped some of the takedowns. She did a good job."

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Tarverdyan also now-infamously complimented Rousey for her first round, where she was soundly and clearly beaten. His corner advice to Rousey was often limited to screaming "discipline!," and fell silent when Rousey got tagged with strikes

Perhaps most baffling, is that according to MMA Fighting's Marc Raimondi, Tarverdyan has Rousey doing little to no MMA sparring, instead choosing to work mitts and other drills.

Tarverdyan also filed for bankruptcy recently, and came under criticism when it was revealed that he claimed that he had no income for the three years prior, despite coaching Rousey and no less than four UFC fighters throughout that period. On Wrestling Observer Radio this weekend, UFC Fighter Tom Lawlor joked that Rousey's performance and Edmond's cornering was evidence that he really hand't worked in three years.

Rousey's mother, AnnMaria DeMars trashed Tarverdyan last month in an interview, calling him a "terrible coach" and saying she'd run over him with her car if she could. She also offered a unique explanation of why she believes Rousey stays under his tutelage.

"I think she stays there because it's like somebody who pitches a no-hitter when they're wearing red underwear and then they wear that red underwear every day, I think it's superstition. I would caution anybody from going there. I think it's bad he uses her to lure people in, and I told Ronda I'm not going to be quiet about this anymore," DeMars said.

It's worth noting that the three remaining Four Horsewomen members -- Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir now train with Erik Paulson and Josh Barnett out of CSW in California. By all accounts the three maintain a friendship with Rousey. Non-Rousey students of Edmond's have struggled in the UFC thus far.

We also discussed this issue on this weekend's episode of the Wrestling Inc Podcast, which you can listen to in the YouTube player above, or the audio player below. What do you think? Are Tarverdyan's coaching methods partially to blame, or did Ronda Rousey simply meet her match? Let us know in the comments below.


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