– For those wondering, The Undertaker is not currently scheduled for tonight’s WWE RAW or this week’s SmackDown tapings, according to PWInsider.

– WWE’s website has a new poll asking fans if in hindsight, Roman Reigns wishes he would have accepted Triple H’s previous offer to join The Authority. With over 11,000 votes, 63% voted, “No, Reigns likely still believes he made the right move by not siding with The Authority. He stands by his convictions.” The rest voted, “Yes, Reigns must regret not accepting Triple H’s offer following Sheamus’ successful cash-in and Roman’s crushing loss of the title.”

– There were rumors of Rusev and Lana appearing on tonight’s WWE RAW because it’s in Nashville, where they live. We know that Lana was just at the WWE Performance Center training for her in-ring debut last week.