Samoa Joe Talks Working With John Cena, Getting Passed Over By WWE, Wanting To Win "The Big One"

Recently on WWE Network's Table for 3, Samoa Joe sat down with Bo Dallas and Neville and talked about working with John Cena in UPW and his future goals in WWE.

According to Joe, he got his start in the professional wrestling business working for UPW in California, which was an affiliate of WWE at the time. He said John Cena got his start there as well and that he worked with Cena a lot.

"That's where John started. Actually, I worked with him a ton. He was dedicated back then, so anyways, John got the [WWE] deal. I met Jim Ross at the time and Jim Ross said, 'you know, maybe you're not really what we're looking for right now'."

Instead of getting discouraged from getting passed over by WWE, Joe went to Japan and worked there for three or four years before finding success in the United States.

"Contrary to wisdom back when I first started out, way back when, I find myself here in WWE."

Joe claimed that he was brought in to NXT to fortify its roster. While he is happy to be a part of NXT, he looks forward to moving on to WWE's main roster and competing for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

"I was kind of brought in to add to the momentum that NXT has going. I mean, obviously, I think we all want to go win the big one, but I also wouldn't mind helping NXT be part of a bigger thing." Joe added, "it's a real unusual kind of time, to kind of be a part of this process and a very unique position for me, kind of, coming in, so, I don't know, man. I'm kind of laying back and seeing what cards are dealt and playing the best hand."

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