Sean Waltman Talks About Infamous Botch During A Match With Scott Hall, Having To Make Time Cues

Sean Waltman was an important cog during the Monday Night Wars. From his 1-2-3 Kid character to jumping to WCW as a part of the NWO, then back to the WWF in D-Generation X, Waltman was prominently featured during wrestling's hottest period.

Just prior to that, Waltman had feuded with Razor Ramon, which ended up producing some of the most memorable moments of that era. One of those moments was when Waltman went for a dive from the top rope to the outside, but fell, landing on his head. He would recreate the move successfully with Bret Hart later.

Waltman opened up to WrestleTalk TV about the spot.

"The first time I tried that in WWE was in my rematch with Scott where I slipped off the top turnbuckle and ate the concrete. Another time if I didn't get up and pull something out of my ass, I'd have been screwed. Scott would have had to beat me and I would have been done," Waltman said.

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Waltman said that the spot worried him, because he'd been given the re-match following his huge upset over Razor Ramon. Now, he'd been booked in a $10,000 challenge rematch and had to meet time cues in the main event slot of Raw.

"It was the last thing and we were going off the air. I had to get that money and get out of there before we went off the air or we would have been screwed. You can go back and watch my head that hits the concrete if that's the kind of thing that gives you giggles," Waltman joked.

You can see Waltman's full comments on the matter above.


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