Sheamus Announces His New Stable, WWE Star Brings Segment Back, Tommy Dreamer On His Return

- Adam Rose brought back a refreshed version of his old series "The Rosebush" on tonight's RAW. The gossip-style segment featured Rose "dishing on WWE dirt" such as Lana and Rusev, Dolph Ziggler and Summer Rae.

- As noted, Tommy Dreamer returned on tonight's RAW to help The Dudley Boyz battle The Wyatt Family. He tweeted the following after the return:

- It appears we have a new stable in WWE, as announced by WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus on tonight's RAW. The League of Nations is made up of Sheamus from Ireland, United States Champion Alberto Del Rio from Mexico, King Barrett from the UK and Rusev from Bulgaria. Sheamus tweeted the following on the group:


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