Sheamus Refused To Let Boy Band Singer In Club, Finn Balor On Sheamus Vs. Conor McGregor, More

- TV3 in Ireland interviewed NXT Champion Finn Balor in Dublin this week, you can see a clip from the interview above via Pro Wrestling Sheet. In the interview, Balor was asked who would win a fight between Sheamus and UFC Interim Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor.

"Both obviously have their strengths, both have their weaknesses," said Balor. "It depends on what setting you put them in really, because if you put them in a WWE ring, maybe Sheamus. If you put them in the UFC Octagon, maybe Conor. So, it just really depends on the situation."

When pressed to pick one, Balor replied, "Well, there won't be much left of Sheamus after I'm done with him, so Conor all the way."

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- Speaking of Sheamus, fans in London can meet him this Friday at The Toy Store on Oxford Street at 2:30PM.

- Sheamus also appeared on The Nicky Byrne Show on 2FM in Ireland yesterday. During the appearance, Sheamus revealed that he once refused Byrne - who was a member of the Irish boy band band Westlife - entry into a club that he was bouncing at.

"I wasn't really a connoisseur of boybands at the time so I had no idea who you were," Sheamus said (via The Irish Mirror). "I just knew you weren't 21, so you weren't coming in.

"The girlfriend was like 'Do you know who he is? I was like 'No' because I don't follow boybands," Sheamus continued. "She wasn't happy. You (Nicky) were fine about it but she wasn't happy."


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