Stars Sing The Undertaker Theme, Nikki Bella Update, WWE - Tapout, NBA Team Congratulates Taker

- Nikki Bella noted on social media that she's back in the gym working out today. No word yet on when she will return.

- WWE and Tapout have announced a joint workout at the Tapout Fitness center in Norcross, Georgia. This looks like it could be a test for the partnership that we noted will see WWE help Tapout launch fitness centers across the country. WWE Divas Champion Charlotte, Xavier Woods and Dolph Ziggler will be at the Norcross location this Sunday from 10am until noon for a workout.

- WWE posted this video of the NBA's Washington Wizards congratulating The Undertaker on 25 years:

- WWE posted this video with Superstars, Divas, athletes and celebrities singing The Undertaker's iconic theme song:


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